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Students from LPCS respond to the new source of inspiration "Dreamers" Mural

February 3, 2021

With the production of the "Dreamers" mural came a wave of Dreams. Principal, Starla Ross, and Teacher Mishuna MacDonald conducted a journal session which provided opportunity for students to respond to the new source of inspiration.

"Journal responses from a few of my 5th graders. These journal responses will be posted on a wall leading outside to the mural. "

-Starla Ross

Please read entries below:


Jan 6

The thing that came to mind about the mural outside was that I can look at this everyday. I feel like I can be inspired by it. I know I can achieve goals and make people happy. It was outstanding to see what some of us helped with. Also It kinda reminded me of Black Lives Matter and our different skin tones. I thought about when you fall you will always get back up again. I know when your feeling down you can look at the mural to feel good. It made me feel proud and important. Last, I feel different because it was powerful.


Jan 5

When I saw the mural I thought it was so pretty. I loved how it was painted. I loved all the different colors. I liked the fresh kicks the boy had on and the clothes. I loved how they had the picture made. The way it looked was so awesome and different to me. The back of the school is so pretty now. It gives something to look at be positive about.


Jan 5

When I saw the mural outside I thought that It was so pretty. It inspired me to be the best of me and to follow my dreams. I thought about I will never let anybody take my joy away from me. We all work together as a group to make it and it came out really good.


Jan 6

What came to my head was who painted this because it is so good. Next, this makes me want to get into art it seems fun and relaxing. My goal was to get a mural of me. I want a mural of me playing basketball. It pushes me more. Its so nice how it was done. I thought it was done in a way that we can always see it and have it to make us feel good.


Jan 6

The thoughts that came to mind when I saw the mural outside was that it was breathtaking and lovely! The way it made me feel is that I felt like I could achieve my goal which is to play my favorite sport football. It also made me feel like a good person. It also made me imagine the kind of good dreams that I would have when I fall asleep at night. Additionally what the mural said about dreaming and having hope and believing in myself. It help me believe in myself. I have hope that I would be able to achieve my goals and to be a good person when I become a grown up. In summary, the mural reminded me when I was playing football and me seeing myself as a baby. I said in my head is the boy in the mural is really me as a young boy.


Jan 6

When I saw the mural outside I thought about my life and my dreams to approve. The mural outside made me think of how I am going to do good with my goals and accomplish my big dreams. The mural also made me think of how 2021 is going go. I’m thinking of, will it be a good new year or not, because covid is still here. My mind is like, I really hope I can make it to 6th grade this year. I hope I can pass the leap test. The mural got me thinking whats going come up in life. I am thinking of positive vibes and stuff.


Jan 6

The mural was wonderful to see. It was good art. The thing that came to mind is deam Big and just be you. Me and sis love the good art. The wall the girls was so super and the boy picture was so amazing.


Jan 6

It made me think about dreams and aspirations. It was amazing when I saw the mural. It was terrific....I felt like it made me have dreams—goals. It made me feel like I see myself. if we didn't have the mural I wouldn't feel like myself and I would feel alone again....but am happy to have the mural. It makes me happy! I never thought that the mural will make me feel so good!!!

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